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    Karl Weldingh


    Pool Panther trenger en brukt rigg.

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    Karl Weldingh

    Pool Panther har nå rigg. 🙂

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    It’s funny that I’m seeing this today. Until yseretday, I’d never been harassed for NIP. DD is 8 months old and REFUSES to be covered up. So i try to find a spot out of the way and nurse her. Yesterday I was in the mall when DD got hungry and fussy and tired. I grabbed a table at the food court where no one was sitting directly beside me in any way, though there were tables that were in the row that were occupied. I started nursing my baby. Within 5 minutes, I noticed a woman from a nearby table (probably in her 50 s or 60 s?) get up and walk past our table. I thought she was headed for the bathroom because that was generally the path she was taking. the whole time she was glaring at me. Then she turns around and heads back to her table where another woman (about the same age) sits and they start pointing and giving me dirty looks and throwing their hands up in the air like they couldn’t believe what i was doing. At this point, I couldn’t hear what they were saying because their table was about 5 or 6 tables away from mine. They then both get up and start walking my way. They didn’t actually APPROACH me, but just kept walking back and forth in front of my table talking LOUDLY to each other about how disgusting I was for doing THAT and pointing and throwing their hands. I just sat there, shocked and continued feeding my baby. I started to smile at them to let them know I heard and noticed them, but then decided they weren’t worth my time or energy. they literally paced in front of my table 5 or 6 times then grabbed their things from their table and left. I sat there a few more minutes, continuing to feed DD and wondering if mall security was going to show up. Since they weren’t employees of the mall, there’s nothing I can really do, is there?

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